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by Defeating Dental Fear
Grow A Thriving Practice By Training Your Team To Defeat Dental Fear In Patients
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Christine & Dr. Manie Opperman
Founders, CoCare Consulting
"Defeat Dental Fear"
Don’t Let Patients With Dental Fear Control Your Practice. 
Change Their Lives Instead.
If you’re struggling with fearful patients who cause disruptions or long running times, training your team to defeat dental fear together will grow and improve your practice.  

Helping patients overcome dental fear is lucrative because it increases efficiency, staff morale and profitability. It also improves lives; patients are happier, healthier, and their lives are renewed. 

However, a new team-focused approach is needed to understand the landscape of fear and how it substantially impacts your practice.

That’s why we’ve released the first 3 steps of our Defeat Dental Fear Program. It will guide you to create a fear-less dentistry culture that will completely transform your business. 

You can download it now. It’s free. 

If you’re frustrated with fearful patients hurting staff morale, decreasing retention, and hurting your practice’s profitability...

If you’re ready to grow a busy practice as a medical leader for happier lives through healthier smiles, this program will show you how.

Turn Fearful Patients Into Loyal, Walking Advertisements Who Refer You To Everyone They Know.
Running a dental practice is tough. With nearly half of adults worldwide scared of dental work, you face fearful behaviours that have devastating costs.

Patients avoid oral health problems and wait until serious medical intervention is needed. Dental Practitioners and supporting staff are treated poorly and overwhelmed.

Dental practices everywhere are ruled by the disruptions and interruptions caused by fearful patients-- if they even show up for their appointment at all, causing overhead losses for your practice. It’s devastating for everyone involved; patients, staff, and Clinicians.

When you work with us, you can empower your team with a new understanding of fear. You’ll discover the steps to start defeating fear before the patient arrives for treatment. Then, by the time the procedure begins, they feel safe, supported, and willing to participate in their own oral health. 

And you’ll feel great helping people improve their personal lives too.

You just need the right tools to engage your team to defeat dental fear together. 

Once you see dental fear clearly and know the steps to overcome it, you’ll improve patient’s lives with renewed confidence and happier, healthier smiles.

Are you ready to transform your practice into a fear-less dentistry culture?

Let’s get started.

Grow a thriving practice that defeats dental fear by downloading the free guide below.

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